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New mixed media / works of art / signed: ‘Janes’ / ‘Janès’

Disciplines : painting, photography, silkscreen, etching, wooden

& stone sculptures, compilation arts: crafted by hand: ‘ready’

mades combined to his fine photorealistic painting, sous– and

surrealism, portraits, bookdesign, illustrations, drawing.

Jan Sleper searched in his works of art: a genuine individual

truth, a development of a personal visual idiom and authentic

handwriting. Consistent selfanalyses and an intimate domestic

life were strong ingredients for the process to let go of social

and cultural pressures. His reflective life- and working structure

was fundamental and spiritual. Jan Sleper represents a profound

life of art that remained deliberately distant from a more out-

going, trendsensitive and industrialised artworld.


A  S P I R I T U A L I T Y   O F  A R T

‘Never stop gardening

your own inner self.’ - Jan Sleper


The last work of art

Jan Sleper created is a sculpture

in wood, touching the very ceiling

of his Amsterdam studio (!) – called:

“The Gardener “ / Noli Me Tangere


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Mirthe Sleper

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