Teaching and students

1952-1979 graphic arts department / afd. grafiek

Kunstacademie St. Joost Breda


Jan Sleper gave guidance to the graphic arts depart-

ment of the Academie of Visual Arts Sint Joost, Breda.

Sleper inspired young artists to integrate the old

technique of copperplate engraving in their art.


ß Artists who studied under the mentorship

< of Jan Sleper.


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Index Artists / Former Students


Raymond van Aalst

Paul Bartels

Pieter van den Bogaard

J.J.M. Dietvorst

C.J.A.M. Merkelbach van Enkhuizen

Monique van Gent

E.Th. van Gulik

Jan G.Forrer

Mieke (Maria) Hazelzet

Piet Hohmann

Peter van den Hoven

Anneke Kuyper

E.M.LRies Kleijnen

Corry Koekkoek

. Lamers

Jan Michielsen

K. Nachenius

Joop van Rijsbergen

Dick Scholten

Akke Sins


A.C.J.M. Willemsen

Kees de Wit


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