D I S C O V E R Y  W E B S I T E  V I N K E N S T R A A T  5 2 A  -  5 4   A M S T E R D A M

Former artists home for sale

Right behind a very attractive shopping area

in the heart of old Amsterdam called the Haarlemmerdijk,

just around the corner of the Jordaan, the Brouwersgracht

and the Korte Prinsengracht, you are about to become

the discoverer of one of the most unexpected quiet streets

in Amsterdam: the Vinkenstraat.


At number 52A and 54 you can find a typical old Amsterdam

storehouse. For over twenty years it was the home of a

famous etcher: Jan Sleper ( 2000) and his wife Mieke ( 2008).

They belonged to an important generation of Dutch etchers /-

copperplate engravers in the 1950’s. 


Feel free to explore this unique 3-floors up old Amsterdam

storehouse and visit its integrated (stone and woodsculptor‘s)

workplaces on the ground– and first floor as well ...


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© Engraving by Jan Sleper



key words: amsterdam impressionism

Breitner light and atmosphere living in amsterdam

Jordaan Brouwersgracht Korte Prinsengracht

Haarlemmerdijk Vinkenstraat 1013 JT Amsterdam

also a perfect home for artists: painter sculptor musician

writer designer photographer etc.