2 0 0 9 :  l i v i n g

i n   o l d  A m s t e r d a m

Buying property in today’s Amsterdam requires a cultural

citizenship; a sense for solid construction; sensibility for

Amsterdam history; a unique location to explore and unfold

your personal approach on renovation and individual comfort



Traditionally the Amsterdam lifestyle combines privacy with

cultural activity.


Are you – by any chance- looking for a special place to live

right on the corner of the famous canal area of Amsterdam

in 2009?


Please allow us to introduce to you this fine example of a

typical old Amsterdam storehouse on private ground

(no ground lease).


W E B S I T E  F O R  T H E  D I S C O V E R E R  O F  A  U N I Q U E  H O M E  I N  T H E  H E A R T  O F  A M S T E R D A M


Experience the Amsterdam lifestyle.

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vinkenstraat 1013 JT amsterdam